“BAG Eurasia of NABU” (the working group of the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU) dealing with conservation projects in Europe and Asia), has just become the latest institutional member of the SCA. Additionally, BAG Eurasia has just announced that they will support the translation and adaptation of the SCA’s environmental education materials for schoolchildren with a grant of €1,600.

The SCA and BAG Eurasia of NABU have been working collaboratively on the schoolbooks, which are aimed at children between 9 and 13 years of age who live in communities close to saiga habitat. They aim to help local children better understand this unique animal and be made aware of its threatened status, as well as illustrating what action they can take to help protect the saiga and its habitat. The book has already been published and distributed in Russian and Kazakh languages. This grant from BAG Eurasia will allow us to translate it into Karakalpak, an Uzbekistani language used by local people who inhabit the Ustyurt plateau in the saiga range. The grant will also fund the adaptation of the books contents in order that it might be more relevant to children living in this area.

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