We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 round of SCA’s small grants competition.

This competition aims to build grassroots capacity for saiga conservation by supporting small self-contained projects within the saiga range states, undertaken by those without access to large-scale international funding, and demonstrably contributing to fulfilment of CMS’s MTWP. This year, the small grants programme was generously supported by the Wildlife Conservation Network (as in previous years) and by CIC.

We are pleased to be able to support four excellent projects, which well represent the range of activities and geographical locations of the SCA’s members’ work:

Anatoly Khludnev, Steppnoi Reserve, Russia – for continuation of his highly effective anti-poaching and public engagement activities.

Vera Voronova, Karaganda Ecomuseum, Kazakhstan – for public engagement and saiga information displays in the local museum within a key part of the saiga’s range.

Artur Nuridjanov, State Hunting Inspectors, Uzbekistan – for monitoring and conservation of a small resident saiga population just discovered on an island (now peninsula) of the Aral Sea, which until last year was closed as a military research facility and is now under extreme pressure from poaching and habitat destruction by oil workers.

Guihong Zhang, WCS China – for a trade survey and awareness campaign focused on saiga horn use in Guangzhou city, a key centre for the saiga horn trade in China.

Congratulations to all four winners!

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