Roy Freeman discovered saiga through his work and instantly became a supporter of our cause.

Roy recalls “I was translating a fairy tale from 1892 for my work, and in doing so came across a word I’d never seen before, ‘saiga’. In searching for an English translation, I learned that the saiga was tragically nearing extinction, and so discovered the SCA. Taken by the description and photographs of this wonderful animal, I was then impressed by the collaboration with local people and their efforts to save the saiga from extinction.”

“This story exudes a wonderful mixture, a paradoxical wholeness, combining masculinity and femininity, hero and heroine, good and evil, fate and will. Perhaps a renewed appreciation of the saiga can lead all of us into a better world with more respect for different cultures, development of personal and cultural values, and a deeper respect for our natural heritage. ”

“This translation is my small contribution to this cause with hopes that adults and children alike can take this tale with its ancestral traditions and create their own work, theatre, or telling, or perhaps even a modern version of this wonderful story!”

Follow the link below to download the full story.

The Beautiful Dunye – Roy Freeman

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