img_2826In November the SCA held the first ‘Day of Migratory Species’ celebrations in Uzbekistan. A joint effort between the SCA and the new Steppe Wildlife Clubs, the event was held in three remote schools on the Ustiurt plateau and in one in Nukus city.

After the success of this event it will now be held annually, and will give children from rural villages in the saiga’s region an understanding of the significance of seasonal migrations, and the importance they play in the lifecycle of numerous wild animals. The talks on the day covered species which migrate across land, water and skies around our planet, and the role and responsibilities all countries have to undertake in order to protect these vulnerable migratory species and their ecosystems.

Of course, there was a particular emphasis on saigas, the steppe ecosystem and how local children and those in the Steppe Wildlife Clubs can be involved in their protection. With games such as ‘What? Where? When?’ the children learnt about species such as Mountain Gorillas, African Elephants, Sharks, Whales, Green turtles and more, in a fun way, with many surprised to learn that butterflies and bats could migrate across national borders.

Find out more about migratory species and what is being done to protect them here:

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