Here in Mongolia we are pleased to be able to officially thank Dr. Hartmut Jungius, Senior Advisor to WWF, for his commitment and years of hard work in saiga conservation in the region.

Dr. Jungius’ dedication to saiga conservation was officially recognised by Monglia’s then-President, N. Bagabandi, who awarded him the medal of “Friendship” for his contribution to the protection of the environment and wildlife of Mongolia.

Dr. Jungius has worked on key projects which promote saiga protection in Mongolia, and the outcomes of one such recent project showed that in rural areas the attitude of local people towards their environment and saiga has improved positively. It was noted that in particular the increased support from the project towards developing and strengthening student eco club activities was being incredibly well received.

These results helped Dr. Jungius to recommend that in order to sustain outcomes and achievements made by the project so far it would be advisable to extend the project by another 2-3 years. He noted that “This success is an achievement made by the Mongolian people and can be maintained by them without the support of others, but to do so the commitment and active involvement of everybody is essential.”

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