In early October the SCA’s very own Elena Bykova took to the stage alongside renowned conservationists such as primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall from the Jane Goodall Institute and Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton from Save the Elephants, to tell a packed auditorium about the plight of the saiga. Watch it here:

Her presentation took the audience through the challenges and successes of recent saiga conservation initiatives and left the audience with a love for the unusual looking creatures, some of whom had never heard of saigas before!

The SCA table was staffed by wonderful WCN volunteers as well as SCA members Elena Bykova, Buuvei Buuveibaatar and Carlyn Samuel, and drew many interested visitors who came to find out more about saigas, buy traditional Uzbek handicrafts; including the beautifully embroidered bags made by ladies on our ‘Krualai’ project or to make a generous donation.

It was an incredibly successful event for the SCA, raising money for saiga conservation and spreading the word to the conference attendees. Our thanks go to the Wildlife Conservation Network for the invitation to take part in the Expo and for their continued support.

Elena Bykova Wildlife Conservation Expo 2013 from Wildlife Conservation Network on Vimeo.

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