The next few months will be a busy time for SCA members in the field, as thanks to our donors as we have a multitude of activities lined up. We are very excited about welcoming Rory McCann; conservationist and artist, to rural Uzbekistan where he will be involving local children in painting a mural in the centre of their town. The mural has been conceived by the children and centres around the theme ‘Our wildlife, our home’. Why not take a look at Rory’s website:

Saiga Day celebrations will be taking place in an ever-growing number of schools in Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. With new activities being added to the annual event each year, the celebrations now involve all sectors of society from children to policemen, and are packed with activities from poetry recitals to football tournaments.

Many of our Steppe Wildlife club teachers will be joining in an international training event where they can share their experiences of leading the clubs, exchange ideas and learn new methods to keep on inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

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