Mother and daughter team of saiga conservationists are a hit at Expo

SCA co-founder Elena Bykova is a regular to WCN’s expo in San Francisco, but this year her 19 year old daughter Olya, who is also one of SCA’s Young Conservationists, attended with her.

The duo were a real hit with the exhibition’s visitors and they made a fascinating presentation together, highlighting some of the incredible work the SCA has done recently, as well as some of the exciting projects Olya has worked on in 2014.

It was Olya’s first trip to the USA and she commented “My favorite part of working with SCA and my mom is the possibility to travel to saiga ranges, communicate with local people, especially children, and to give talks about the activities we do for saiga conservation like this one. To be honest, I love any type of work when I do it with my mom!”

Watch their presentation here:

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