Uzbek children drew all the images used in the cartoon

We have once again teamed up with children in Uzbekistan to create another moving cartoon. ‘A Steppe Tale 2’ is a beautifully illustrated cartoon devised by the SCA, with the children providing all the artwork for the animations as well as the Russian, Uzbek and English voice-overs.

The sequel reflects the challenges all the Ustyurt Plateau’s inhabitants are currently facing. Tough economic times combined with increased industrial processes such as natural gas extraction, construction of industrial gas works, roads and pipelines are all impacting on the saiga’s migration routes and forcing people into having to make difficult choices around sacrificing wildlife to provide for their families.

In this cartoon Nosey the saiga is faced with a new hazard. Altyn Khan, an evil wizard is about to build an Iron City to produce oil and gas which will destroy the environment, saigas and other steppe inhabitants. The protagonists; a young girl, her brother and his robot, have an argument and while the girl tries to help Nosey, the boy makes an agreement with Altin Khan and helps build the city. Exhaust fumes damage the wildlife causing air pollution and Iron City itself is an insurmountable obstacle to saiga migration. Is there any possible way to restore the balance between human needs and those of nature?

We’re grateful to our donors at Disney Canada’s Coins for Change programme and the Wildlife Conservation Network who have helped make ‘The Steppe Tale 2’ a reality.

Watch the cartoon here:

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