Among all the events we have carried out for saiga conservation world this year, we wanted to highlight our first knowledge-exchange trip. The Uzbek SCA team, including Sasha the Saiga traveled to Kenya.

We had a unique opportunity to spread the word about saigas far from it’s natural habitat and learn from successful, leading wildlife organisations in Kenya: Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Ewaso Lions and Save the Elephants.

Travelling across beautiful Samburu lands to visit field sites, meet local communities and see amazing wildlife gave us first-hand experience of what wildlife conservation is like in Kenya, and it’s an experience we will never forget.

We’ve already put some of the things we learnt on our trip into practice; our our first Wildlife Camp for teenagers in Uzbekistan was a great success, in large part due to the incredible suggestions and experience of our fellow conservationists in Kenya.

We’d like to thank Wildlife Conservation Network, Grevy’s Zebra Trust Ewaso Lions and Save the Elephants for making this trip possible.

Find out more and watch out short clip here:

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