In 2014 the SCA recognised the dedication of the rangers of the Irgiz Turgai State Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan, the rangers of the Stepnoi Reserve – Kalmykia, Russia, and Baljinnyam Batsaikhan in Mongolia.

The Saiga Conservation Alliance is seeking nominations for the 2015 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection, in memory of Uldis Knakis, a ranger who was killed while pursuing a saiga poacher.

The award is a prize of $1000, to be used as the winner chooses. Nominations can be individuals and teams, from government or from NGOs, who have shown particular dedication and outstanding success in combating saiga poaching over the last 12 months. Self-nominations are not allowed.

Do you know an individual or team of people who deserve to win the 2015 award? If so please download the nomination form below and send it to

Good luck, we look forward to receiving your entries!

Saiga Protection award_English

Saiga Protection award_Russian

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