This year Saiga Day is in its 5th year of celebrations in Kalmykia, Russia and the Steppe Wildlife club Living Heritage help put on some wonderful celebrations.

In the month preceding the celebrations they organized “environmental watch” devoted to stories about the saiga. Students in grades 5-9 in conjunction with the High School librarian made a presentation “Beauty steppe – saiga”, in which the audience of mostly students learned about the saiga range, its diet, and other environmental features of the species.

Young ecologists from the club told their peers about Kalmyk writers (G.Kukareka, D.Kugultinov, D.Nasunov et al.), Who in their works, mainly poetry, talk about the saiga: its beauty and difficult life, the children loved hearing about customs and legends associated with the bright image of saiga, which highlighted the caring and respectful attitude of our ancestors to the world.

At the conclusion of the event the students watched a documentary “Saiga”, which was to show the beauty of the Kalmyk steppe, especially in spring when the tulips bloom, poppies, irises, as well as a small story about the saiga. Also, students were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the book exhibition “Save the saiga – our common cause.” After the event, a young ecologists rally was held to spread the news about saiga conservation to the local community by posting information leaflets produced by the club on the saiga.

Throughout the month of April, when the festivities were held, young ecologists club “Living Heritage” worked to create a movie called “In Harmony with Nature”, which focuses on the work of the club around Saiga Conservation.


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