It’s became an annual event for schools in the saiga regions of Nukus and Ustyurt to host Migratory Species Day events just before the Christmas break. This year, the the SCA team visited the Steppe Wildlife Club “Hope” which the first to celebrate.

High school students took part in a variety of exciting contests and activities from intellectual games to eco-theatre. It helped them learn interesting facts about the migration of many different animals including saigas. Later, these older children shared their knowledge with primary school children when they visited them, conducting a lesson and running games and events for the younger children.

We also visited the “Akboken” Steppe Wildlife Club held their celebrations at Jaslyk school. Leaders of the club and their teachers organised a mini-marathon: girls ran 2 km, and the boys ran 3km. The marathon illustrated the saigas on their winter migration. Right after this the masquerade party began, the children dressed up in different animal costumes and masks and played lots of species related games and quizzes.

We thank Wildlife Conservation Network and all their amazing donors for making these events a reality.

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