2016 Young Conservation leader arranges training session for children.

Last month Begis Sultamuratov, an Enviromental-journalist at the “Jetkinshek” newspaper, and winner of the 2016 SCA Young Conservation Leader award, held a seminar and training event for the ‘Dilwar’ young reporters’ club in Nukus, Uzbekistan.

The purposes of the event was to announce to pupils the creative programme; “Ustyurt’s valuable antelope”, which is aimed at protecting Ustyurt’s saigas through educating children about endangered species, notably saigas.

The programme teaches them how to create articles, poems, fairytales, and drawings of saigas, and was very successful in stimulating discussions among the pupils, who proposed interesting ideas about how to protect saigas.

During the event guest speakers from the Saiga Conservation Alliance gave presentations on the saiga, while Begis, our Young Conservation Leader and organiser of Jetkinshek’s “Ekoactivity” club gave an inspiring talk.

Children also took part in eco-games arranged by Natalya Chivaldova, the director of children’s eco-center “Ekomaktab”.

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