The ecological festival drew a huge audience in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, from kindergarten and primary school kids to adults of all ages.

This year, Uz-Kor Gas Chemical workers in Ustyurt joined the festival as well. As a part of the Saiga Day, they planted saxaul covering a broad area and run activities for restoration and reclamation of desert lands.

The new documentary Saiga: The Right to Live was featured at the Saiga Day event and attracted a lot of attention and discussion.

We were really pleased that this year the festival united representatives from law enforcement agencies, employees of local businesses and high school students, who all competed in sporting competitions for the Saiga Cup.

Steppe wildlife club “Akboken” from Jaslyk village prepared an environmental performance in the a form of puppet show and traveled on tour to the nearby villages. Students from SWC “Nadezhda” prepared puppet shows for junior classes.

Inspired by a previous mural painted by Rory McCann, members of the steppe wildlife club “Kuralai” from Karakalpakstan village prepared a mural decorating the wall of the school hall. The mural illustrates unique local wildlife including the saiga. “The rich diversity of the nature is the ideal to which we aspire to!” – said members of the Steppe Wildlife Club.

Featured image: Saiga Day festivities in Uzbekistan

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