orchirovaWe are pleased to announce that a group of people from Kalmykia, Russia have been awarded our Small Grants Award, kindly sponsored by the CMS. Catherine Ochirova, Pyurvenova Boskhomdzhievna and Hope Yurevna will be developing a booklet called “Saiga – living heritage of our ancestors”.

The saiga antelope is known to feature prominently in the historic cultures within its range. With many poems, songs, paintings and folklore having been produced about it over the ages.

This group will be working closely with our SCA colleagues in Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as with local teachers to produce a booklet which will be distributed to schools and libraries in the region.

It will draw upon historical artistic materials associated with saiga and the cultural heritage of local people, and aims to inform and inspire people to conserve the species through illustrating the ancient links, symbolism and culture woven through a shared history.


Ikalmykia_sgpt will also educate the reader about modern day challenges to the saiga, about the famous local ranger who was killed protecting saigas, and help people understand the importance of the species and their part in its conservation.

Congratulations, we are all looking forward to seeing the finished product.






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