On the eve of Saiga Day festival, children of Steppe Wildlife clubs in Karakalpakia learnt how to put on a puppet show! The show targeted primary and secondary school children as well as their teachers and parents raising awareness of wildlife conservation issues.

After just a few rehearsals students became real experts telling stories about good and evil, love and care for animals. The characters of a saiga baby and his mum in a play were the most popular ones, which shows the growing popularity of these species among locals and a change in “consumer” attitudes towards them. Children not only learnt to create and use puppets but also gained new wildlife knowledge in a lively, playful way.


The puppet show was part of Saiga Day festival celebrated by locals, however the activity went far beyond expectations. After the first performance, children from Steppe Wildlife clubs took the show on tour to neighboring villages and threw few more incredible shows for the local communities.





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