Saturday October 8th During WCN’s Expo in San Francisco


Robertson Auditorium


Join Lena as she sits on a panel of leading conservationists during WCN’s Expo to talk about how Climate Change is impacting saigas.

Saigas live on the steppe and semi-desert regions that are being seriously effected by climate change, so it stands to reason that must be a knock of effect to these critically endangered creatures.

What impact is this having on their pastures, their historic breeding and rutting areas? Did it have anything to do with the recent devastating die-off in Kazakhstan?

What are we doing to mitigate the impacts of these new pressures, and what can you do to help?

All these questions will be addressed during this fascinating panel session, so be sure to come along and hear Lena address these issues. You’ll also have have the opportunity to speak to her, Olya and our colleague, Alyona from Kazakhstan who worked on the die-off as it happened, after the discussion.



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