In 2008, we began working with the Uzbek government, local partners and NGOs to create a much-needed safe-haven for saigas and other wildlife in Uzbekistan.

%d1%83%d1%82%d0%b5%d1%81Financial support from Disney Wildlife Foundation allowed us to work with local people to ensure their needs were taken into account as we surveyed the region, sampled watering holes and monitored how saigas and other wildlife use specific areas of the park. After much research and consultation we identified key areas which needed protection and began to define the park’s boundaries.


In 2015 the process was completed and the Uzbek government gazetted the new ‘Saigachy’ reserve, the largest protected area in Uzbekistan, covering 7,000 square km.

Under the watchful eye of specially trained rangers we hope that saigas will once again be able to migrate safely through the park to Kazakhstan, providing access to important mating and caving sites, and that other key Steppe species will benefit from the protection the park has to offer.



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