The SCA is being funded by People’s Trust for Endangered Species to carry out research into the saiga population thought to inhabit Vozrozhdenie Island in the Aral sea, Uzbekistan.

Vozrozhdeniye Island, was, up until Soviet times was an island in the Aral Sea. Due to its feeder rivers being dammed by the Soviet Union for agricultural projects the Aral Sea began to shrink, and in 2001 the island became a peninsula when the channel to its south dried up completely and became a land bridge. Upon the disappearance of the Southeast Aral Sea in 2008, Vozrozhdeniye effectively ceased to exist as a distinct geographical feature. It is now surrounded by water on three sides. The former island is currently owned by Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The SCA has just returned from an expedition to place camera traps and monitor the island’s wildlife and terrain. Until our report is ready we thought we’d share some stunning images of the island with you.



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