catching-saigasSCA partners in Kazakhstan the ACBK, together with the “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” and “Okhotzooprom” carried out their regular monitoring of the Ural and Ustyrt saiga populations from September 20th to October 20th. This work was carried out under the framework of “Altyn Dala” Conservation Initiative.

The experienced team of researchers have devised the most efficient and least invasive way to carry out this work and handle each saiga quickly and efficiently releasing it again in a matter of minutes. Using their technique they managed to catch 59 saiga antelopes and fitted 12 GPS collars. (No mean feat when they can run at over 80kph/50mph.)


The researchers took blood samples from all 59 saigas to conduct laboratory analysis for different diseases ad to monitor the general health of the animals.

All 12 collars have already successfully sent information about the saiga’s movements and locations.

We hope that expeditions and research like these will enable us to understand a little more about the ecology of the saiga antelope, and help us to devise effective of conservation and protection programmes.


All photographic credits – Abduaziz Madiyarov 

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