Take a moment to look at these images.

hornsThey are adverts for illegally buying and selling saiga horns, you can easily find them in all cities and villages in Kazakhstan. They are everywhere – on bus stations, light posts, buildings…

Demand breeds supply, and saiga antelopes are killed by people who want to make ‘easy’ money.

In 2012 the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan stated that “illegally procuring, buying, keeping, selling, export, import, transportation of rare and endangered animals and their derivates, as well as animals and their parts, is punishable by imprisonment for a term of 3 years”.

Saiga antelopes are among those species in Kazakhstan for which there is a prohibition on use until horns12020. Kazakh law states that “old” or “new” derivates (for example, horns) fall into this category, so even selling “old saiga horns” is a criminal offence.

SCA partners in Kazakhstan, the ACBK is launching a campaign which aims to tell everyone in Kazakhstan, from school children to policemen to salesmen, that selling and buying saiga horns is illegal!

The aims of the ACBK’s campaign are to prevent the escalation of these adverts and to let people know that buying and selling saiga derivatives is a criminal offence, liable to prosecution. The ACBK will be creating a database of all such adverts and sharing it with the police to enable them to prosecute the offenders.

If you see an advert selling or promising to buy saiga horns, please take a photo of it and send it to us along with details of where and when you saw it.

Together we can save saigas.




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