Sofiya Shukhova, is a 23 year old wildlife artist who tries to bring the public’s attention to wildlife issues using art.  She creates paintings that show the beauty and fragility of wildlife. She also I gives workshops and lectures to raise awareness about wildlife and importance of conservation.

Sofiya recently created a study of a saiga antelope and a short clip to go with it which you can watch here.

In her own words

I don’t really remember how I learnt about Saiga antelope for the first time. But only recently I discovered that Saiga is on the edge of extinction. Thankfully to IFAW Youth Forum for People and Wildlife I had a chance to meet and to listen to Olya Esipova from the Saiga Conservation Alliance. She inspired me to learn more about Saiga conservation issues.

I respect the work by Saiga Conservation Alliance towards the conservation and protection of these amazing creatures very much. Its raise awareness, especially their work with kids and local communities, and inspired me to take a part and to paint my first Saiga watercolour painting.

While I painted this female Saiga I learnt even more about Saiga’s appearance and behaviour. So now I am planning to create some more paintings of Saiga and of course I will be glad to collaborate with Saiga Conservation Alliance towards raising awareness about Saigas.

More information about Sofiya

Originally I am from Moscow, but I left Russia when I was 17. I did my bachelor degree in architecture in France. After that I took a gap year and moved to Southeast Asia where I started to create my first series of watercolour animal paintings. My art projects give me an opportunity to travel a lot. So, I do not consider myself a citizen of one country. I am citizen of the World. Probably this is why I care about the biodiversity of every corner of our planet wherever it is located.

Where can you see more of Sofiya’s art?

My artworks have been exhibited in Paris, Riga and Moscow. I also participated in many online exhibitions. But the easiest way to discover my paintings is via my website. You may also follow my Facebook page to learn more about my workshops, lectures, exhibitions, other art projects and to see the works in progress.



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