Our colleague, Richard Kock from the Royal Veterinary College in the UK, worked on the Mass die-off in Kazakhstan in 2015, he recently came back from carrying out emergency research into the terrible scene unfolding in Mongolia.

In these two very short clips he explains what is going on. Thanks to DW Global Ideas for sharing

You can help!

We have launched an appeal to raise funds to support the efforts of the Mongolian government and International scientists. Every last penny and cent counts and goes directly to the appeal. As ever, it is due to the amazing support of our ‘Saiga Friends’ that we are able to make a difference to the future of this unique species. Thank you

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More information

An outbreak of a devastating disease, sheep and goat plague is killing saiga antelopes and other unique and imperiled animals in Mongolia.

Already more than 4,000 saigas have suffered a horrible death, and the epidemic only seems to be picking up speed.

Image titleWhat we know so far

Experts from the Saiga Conservation Alliance‘s in-country partners – WWF Mongolia and WCS- Mongolia – and scientists from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Royal Veterinary College and FAO, are on the scene, investigating the causes and working with government agencies trying to stop the spread of the disease before more of saigas and other animals fall victim to it.

While wildlife have long been considered potentially vulnerable to this disease this is the FIRST time it has been documented to have killed wild antelopes.

Initial investigations suggest that even though over 14,000,000 livestock had been vaccinated against this lethal disease in 2016, the disease has likely spread from domestic animals to vulnerable wild animals through sharing grazing areas, which is especially common in winter when foraging ranges are fewer.


The unique Mongolian saiga

Image titleThis population is a unique subspecies of saiga found only in one area of Mongolia. 

  • Total population estimated at only 10,000 animals in 2016.
  • 25% of the population has already been lost to this disease
  • Experts suggest as much as 80% of the population will be lost to this outbreak if we don’t act NOW!

We have Every donation goes directly to the emergency appeal we have sent up and will help us find a solution to this crisis.

Visit our fundraising page here

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