We are pleased to announce an award programme promoting excellence in the conservation of the saiga antelope.

We appreciate the hard work carried out by rangers, scientists, teachers, young people and other committed individuals, and we are keen to further support the dedication and inspirational approaches that they are developing in order to help conserve this critically endangered species.

We encourage applications from individuals or groups within the saiga’s range states (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan), which seek conserve the species through activities such as awareness raising, education and community engagement, or through directly protecting and conserving the species.

Eligible projects will:

  • Be concerned with the conservation of the saiga antelope
  • Aim to directly protect or conserve the saiga antelope or raise awareness through public engagement
  • Be undertaken in the period September 2017 to October 2018
  • Have a budget of up to approx. US$5,000

The SCA’s Award Programme for Excellence in Saiga Conservation will fund up to four projects with budgets in the region of $5,000. The programme is aimed at financing in-country grass-roots activities and conservation. Proposals should clearly demonstrate how the project contributes to fulfilling the goals of the Convention on Migratory Species’ Medium Term Work Programme for the saiga antelope (http://www.cms.int/species/saiga/1st_saiga_range_states_meeting.htm).

The call for projects will be limited to projects which can be executed within one year; this could include projects providing needed equipment for anti-poaching teams, contributions towards the costs of anti-poaching activities (such as fuel and vehicle maintenance), development, printing and distribution of educational and awareness materials, or events and training/capacity-building (e.g. for customs officials).

The grants will be available to people based in the 4 countries (Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia), which comprise the saiga range.

There is no requirement to be associated with the SCA in order to submit a proposal, but if you would like advice before submission, you are welcome to discuss your proposal with the Steering Committee member in your country (http://www.saiga-conservation.com/who.html).

Please submit your proposal in English or Russian through our on line form, by 31st July 2017. Proposals received after 31st July will not be considered. Successful applicants will be notified by mid-August. No expenditure incurred on project activities before September 2017 or after October 2018 can be refunded. The final report on project progress must be submitted to the SCA by 15th October 2018.

You can find the online application form here


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