Today, and every day we are grateful to the incredible men and women the world over who dedicate their lives to protect biodiversity.

Today especially, we remember those who have tragically lost their lives in the line of duty, those like Uldis Knakis, whose life was cut short in 1970 protecting saigas, yet his story inspires many Russian children to unite for conservation (see Saiga News issue 19).

Those brave rangers across the Saiga’s ranges in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan know the dangers only too well, with modern day poachers carrying guns and equipped with high speed vehicles.

Our ‘saiga heroes’ face daily challenges with brave determination and a passion to save this beautiful antelope. They go beyond the call of duty, working in extreme weather and harsh conditions, away from their families for weeks at a time.

They are not just protectors of wildlife, but like those in the Stepnoi Sanctuary in Russia, they are educators, inspiring the local community, bringing children, scientists and journalists to their HQ on the Steppe (generously funded by you, our kind SCA supporters) and inspiring a love of nature (and Saigas) in everyone they talk to!

Thank you all for your for your tireless work to protect the critically endangered Saiga antelope

More news about saiga rangers here 
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