Kuralai embroidery project

Our alternative livelihood project in Uzbekistan is going from strength to strength. In the Spring this year we welcomed 17 new young women into the group and held training sessions, where the knowledge about their traditional embroidery designs could be passed down from one generation to the next, we also taught them about stock control and general business skills, and of course all about the challenges which the saigas face in their region. Read more about this project here.

By May they were producing some high quality merchandise which they could begin to sell in tourist markets in Tashkent, the capital, and which could also be sold in our online store.

In November we held an examination for the trainees which reviewed the quality of their embroidery and products and the meanings of the designs, as well as a conservation element testing their knowledge about saigas (natural predators, threats, consequences of extinction, etc.).

We were really proud of the trainees and each was awarded with the title “Master of Karakalpak Embroidery”

Currently, we have a sale on all the beautiful embroidery products and you can visit the shop here

There’s a lovely short clip about the project here


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