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Mass mortality among saigas in Kazakhstan: 12,000 dead

Nearly 12,000 Critically Endangered saiga antelopes have been found dead over the last week in the Ural population in western Kazakhstan. The dead were mostly females who had recently given birth, as well as their calves. The official 2009 estimate of the size of the...

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Small Grants Programme 2010

We are happy to announce that the 2010 Small Grants Programme is now open for applications. The programme is this year again generously supported by the Wildlife Conservation Network and the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation. You can find all...

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IFAW report critical decline in Kalymykian saiga population

The International Fund for Animal Welfare report expert findings of a critical decline in the Kalmykian saiga population. Saiga numbers reportedly dropped from 14-15 thousand individuals to 8-9 thousand in the North-West Caspian region in the past year....

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Saving the saiga in the wild- an interview with Elena Bykova

In a decline on par with that suffered by the American bison in the Nineteenth Century, in the 1990s the saiga antelope of the Central Asian steppe plummeted from over one million individuals to 50,000, dropping a staggering 95 percent in a decade and a half. Since...

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Convention on Migratory Species Assessment Report

The Medium term progress report towards the fulfilment of the Convention on Migratory Species’(CMS) international work programme is now available and can be found here, both in English and Russian. For more information on the CMS, please visit...

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The SCA Small Grants Programme 2009 Announced

In 2007 the SCA initiated a pioneering Small Grants Programme. This competition aims to build capacity at the grassroots level by enabling individuals to apply for a grant of up to $2,000 for a one-year project on saiga conservation in the wild. The Small Grants...

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Saiga Poachers caught in Mongolia

On 20 December, 2008 IRVES 3 Mobile AntiPoaching Unit and police officers detained two Mongolian citizens who killed 6 Mongolian Saigas. A volunteer ranger informed the case of the Saiga poaching and location of the occurrence. The saiga ranger of the Saiga...

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Young saiga researcher wins top award!

Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar, a young scientist engaged in saiga research and conservation activites in his home country of Mongolia, has been awarded $15,000 USD to carry out his Masters research in the USA from the Sidney Byers Scholarship for Wildlife Conservation. The...

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