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Saigas in the News!

If you love the natural world Mongabay is great online source of news for all things related to conservation and the environment, and this week Elizabeth Devitt has written a great article about saigas for its ‘Almost Famous Animals’ series! Read the...

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A short overview of the situation in Mongolia

Our colleague, Richard Kock from the Royal Veterinary College in the UK, worked on the Mass die-off in Kazakhstan in 2015, he recently came back from carrying out emergency research into the terrible scene unfolding in Mongolia. In these two very short clips he...

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Saiga Art

Sofiya Shukhova, is a 23 year old wildlife artist who tries to bring the public’s attention to wildlife issues using art.  She creates paintings that show the beauty and fragility of wildlife. She also I gives workshops and lectures to raise awareness about wildlife...

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Saiga News Issue 21 out now

The latest issue of Saiga News is out now in English and Russian. Just click on the hyperlinks or images below to view them. Хорошие новости!  Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс. Просто нажмите на изображение ниже для его просмотра In this issue we cover some...

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HELP US SAVE MONGOLIA’S UNIQUE WILDLIFE   An outbreak of a devastating disease, peste-des-petits ruminants (sheep and goat plague) is killing saiga antelopes and other unique and imperiled animals in Mongolia. Already more than 2,500 saigas have suffered a...

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How do you get a PortaCabin onto the Astrakhan Steppe?

Ask the SCA’s 2016 Small Grant Winner Vladimir Kalmykov of Course! This year our Small Grants Programme was generously supported by the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals. Due to this support we were able to award three great...

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Latest update on deaths of Mongolian saigas

Unfortunately, latest reports from our colleagues in Mongolia indicate that over 1000 saigas have now died from the ongoing disease outbreak. Tests are still being conducted, but it’s most likely an outbreak of peste-des-petits ruminants, or “sheep and goat plague”,...

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Tragic saiga deaths in Mongolia

Saiga deaths in Mongolia. We have received reports of the tragic death of over 500 Mongolian saigas in recent weeks. This disease outbreak is worrying because the Mongolian subspecies numbers only around 12,000 individuals*. Initial reports suggest that the cause is...

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Latest news about saigas and the tragic deaths in 2015

Read an article written by SCA founder E.J. Milner-Gulland that will get you up to speed on the status of the Saiga Antelope    ...

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Saigas are on Planet earth II – 4th December

We’re really excited to see what made the cut in the piece about saigas which will be on Planet Earth II on December 4th. A camera crew went to both Russia and Kazakhstan to film saiga behaviour and to see them calving. However, in Kazakhstan they witnessed the...

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The saigas are migrating!

Did you know that saigas are a migratory species just like whales and penguins! Saigas migrate south to find better pastures in winter. To celebrate the beginning of the migration season school children in the saiga’s range in Uzbekistan hold the ‘Day of...

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Stamping out the illegal trade in saiga horns

Take a moment to look at these images. They are adverts for illegally buying and selling saiga horns, you can easily find them in all cities and villages in Kazakhstan. They are everywhere – on bus stations, light posts, buildings… Demand breeds supply, and saiga...

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How do you monitor an animal as fast as a saiga?

SCA partners in Kazakhstan the ACBK, together with the “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” and “Okhotzooprom” carried out their regular monitoring of the Ural and Ustyrt saiga populations from September 20th to October 20th. This work was carried out...

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Climate Change Panel

Have you ever thought about how climate change impacts saigas? It’s not just Polar Bears who are suffering, follow this link and look for the Climate Change Panel link from our supporters Wildlife Conservation Network....

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Christmas cards, gifts and shopping for saigas!

Don’t forget that our shop is now linked to our main website and we are fully stocked and ready to take your orders in time for the holiday season. We have a great range of cards, designed by Uzbek children, saiga toys, embroidery and polo shirts to choose from,...

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