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Uzbek Cartoon Celebration in Nukus

Earlier this month we held an event at the National Press Centre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to celebrate the success of our newest award-winning cartoon. ‘A Steppe Tale II’, which won a golden Loon award at in international film festival. We invited children from the two...

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Saiga Conservation Team Visits East Africa

Among all the events we have carried out for saiga conservation world this year, we wanted to highlight our first knowledge-exchange trip. The Uzbek SCA team, including Sasha the Saiga traveled to Kenya. We had a unique opportunity to spread the word about saigas far...

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Экранларымызда жыллар дауамында Устирт кенликлеринде Сайгаклар хам адамлар арасында тыгыз байланыста жасаганлыгы хаккында Устирт сайгаклары жасауга хакылы атамасында жана хужжетли фильм шыгарылмакта

Экранларымызда жыллар дауамында Устирт кенликлеринде Сайгаклар хам адамлар арасында тыгыз байланыста жасаганлыгы хаккында «Устирт сайгаклары жасауга хакылы» атамасында жана хужжетли фильм шыгарылмакта. Кейинги уакытлары табийий ресурслардан надурыс пайдаланыу...

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На экраны выходит новый документальный фильм “Сайгаки Устюрта

Право на жизнь”, рассказывающий о том, как люди в течение сотен лет жили в гармонии сайгаками на плато Устюрт. Однако в последнее время неустойчивое использование природных ресурсов и индустриальное развитие региона начало негативно влиять на его природу....

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New Film About Protecting Saigas in Uzbekistan

Thanks to The Whitley Fund for Nature and Wildlife Conservation Network the SCA has been able to produce a short film showing how people lived side by side with saigas on the Ustyurt plateau for hundreds of years, until recently when the region’s economic...

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Saiga-based PhD Opportunity at the University of Bristol

Elucidating climatic drivers of mass mortality in the endangered Saiga antelope. In May 2015, catastrophic mortality affected calving aggregations of saigas in their core range, wiping out half the global population in a few weeks. The cause remains uncertain, with...

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Schools in Uzbekistan celebrate Migratory Species Day

It’s became an annual event for schools in the saiga regions of Nukus and Ustyurt to host Migratory Species Day events just before the Christmas break. This year, the the SCA team visited the Steppe Wildlife Club “Hope” which the first to celebrate. High school...

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Countries Agree on Actions to Help Save Saiga Antelopes

Saiga Range Countries and Experts Convene in Tashkent Following Saiga Mass Mortality Event Latest figures presented at the meeting show that more than 150,000 adult saiga antelopes died during the mass mortality event which hit the species in central Kazakhstan...

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Saiga Youth Camp – 2015

From 17-24th August 25 Uzbek children between the ages of 11-15 joined the SCA’s first ‘Saiga Youth Wildlife Camp’. 18 children from Karakalpakia, the region where saigas can still be found in Uzbekistan and 7 children from Tashkent who acted as ‘local guides’, as...

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Update on the Saiga Antelope Tragedy in Kazakhstan

Between 9th May and 3rd June this year, large herds of saigas at calving sites in the central population in Kazakhstan died suddenly. 148,800* carcasses were counted at burial sites by the Government rangers. Our latest expedition to the migration area and die-off...

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See us at Expo in San Francisco

This year our friends at Wildlife Conservation Network have asked SCA Uzbek partner, Elena Bykova to take part in a panel discussion with other leading conservationists, something which she is already looking forward to. Do come along and see the SCA team at our...

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Total Saiga Warrior Challenge – Training Underway!!

Marc’s training for the Total Warrior Challenge in Edinburgh next month is well underway, and he’s doing it to raise money to help save saigas. It’s billed as one of the toughest 10k events on earth, but Marc feels that the biggest challenge he has...

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Latest News on Mass Mortalities

SAIGA RESEARCH EXPEDITION On 27th June 2015, a 12-day expedition was launched to investigate the reasons for the mass die-off of Saiga antelopes in May 2015. (On 5 June the official death toll stood at 134,000 saigas). The main goal of this field mission was to follow...

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Where’s Your Saiga Herd? Send Us News and Photos!

Do you own your very own saiga? We’d love to hear how they are doing and see where they have traveled to. So, if you’d like to share your photos of your saiga at home, meeting the local wildlife or on holiday please mail them to Carlyn at...

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