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Update on the Saiga Antelope Tragedy in Kazakhstan

Between 9th May and 3rd June this year, large herds of saigas at calving sites in the central population in Kazakhstan died suddenly. 148,800* carcasses were counted at burial sites by the Government rangers. Our latest expedition to the migration area and die-off...

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See us at Expo in San Francisco

This year our friends at Wildlife Conservation Network have asked SCA Uzbek partner, Elena Bykova to take part in a panel discussion with other leading conservationists, something which she is already looking forward to. Do come along and see the SCA team at our...

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Total Saiga Warrior Challenge – Training Underway!!

Marc’s training for the Total Warrior Challenge in Edinburgh next month is well underway, and he’s doing it to raise money to help save saigas. It’s billed as one of the toughest 10k events on earth, but Marc feels that the biggest challenge he has...

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Latest News on Mass Mortalities

SAIGA RESEARCH EXPEDITION On 27th June 2015, a 12-day expedition was launched to investigate the reasons for the mass die-off of Saiga antelopes in May 2015. (On 5 June the official death toll stood at 134,000 saigas). The main goal of this field mission was to follow...

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Where’s Your Saiga Herd? Send Us News and Photos!

Do you own your very own saiga? We’d love to hear how they are doing and see where they have traveled to. So, if you’d like to share your photos of your saiga at home, meeting the local wildlife or on holiday please mail them to Carlyn at...

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Хорошие новости! Вышел последний номер Сайга Ньюс

В этом выпуске мы представляем вам новости и обновления в проектах, мероприятиях и выступлениях в СМИ в течение последних шести месяцев из всех стран ареала, а также подборку разнообразных статей по сохранению и экологии сайгака. Мы рассматриваем темы от трагической...

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Saiga News Issue 19 is Now Available Online!

In this issue we bring you news and updates on projects, events and media appearances over the last 6 months from all the range states and a diverse array of articles on the conservation and ecology of the saiga antelope. We cover topics from the latest on the tragic...

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Ever Wanted to Adopt a Saiga?

Have you ever thought about ADOPTING A SAIGA? Well now you can and all funds raised go to help conserving this beautiful species. Visit our online shop ‘’ to find out more. The package includes your own cuddly saiga toy, a photo, a certificate of...

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The saiga antelope has roamed the earth since before the Ice Age, but now a sudden and mysterious outbreak of disease threatens the saiga’s existence.

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Urgent Appeal for Funds Launched

Help us to save saigas. The saiga antelope has roamed the earth since before the Ice Age, but now a sudden and mysterious outbreak of disease threatens the saiga’s existence. In just two and a half weeks between May 10 and May 27, an estimated 120,000 deaths occurred,...

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Update on Saiga Deaths in Kazakhstan

Please see our FaceBook pages to keep up to date on the latest news on this disaster: More than 120,000 saiga antelope have been confirmed dead in central Kazakhstan, representing more than a third of the...

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An Artist Steppe-ing Out, by Rory McCann

As I am driven through Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, I see a city being rapidly developed. The Spring is late to arrive and the temperature is -9. There is snow piled everywhere and the river that passes through Astana is frozen solid, with people sat upon...

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2015 Award for Excellence in Saiga Protection Launched

In 2014 the SCA recognised the dedication of the rangers of the Irgiz Turgai State Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan, the rangers of the Stepnoi Reserve – Kalmykia, Russia, and Baljinnyam Batsaikhan in Mongolia. The Saiga Conservation Alliance is seeking nominations for...

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2015 Премия за выдающиеся достижения в охране сайгака запущен

В 2014 году SCA признал самоотверженность рейнджеров Иргиз-Тургайского государственного природного заповедника в Казахстане, рейнджеров Степной заповедник – Калмыкия, Россия и Baljinnyam Batsaikhan в Монголии. Альянс по сохранению сайгака объявляет конкурс на...

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Supporting the Centre for Wild Animals in Kalmykia

Support for Leading Saiga Breeding Centre This wonderful centre, run by professor Yuri Arylov was established in 2002 with funding from the local Kalmyk government in order to address the devastating decline in saigas across the region. The CWA was founded primarily...

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