Saiga Resource Centre

The Saiga Resource Centre (SRC) is a website that provides a comprehensive database of literature, images and videos on the saiga antelope for use by the saiga conservation community. Find out more about our projects and research, browse our extensive photo and video library and search for a saiga expert!

The website was conceived of as a means of charting progress towards the fulfillment of the CMS MoU on saiga antelope conservation. It was designed and implemented by the Saiga Conservation Alliance and the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan, under contract from the CMS.

The SRC acts as a portal and forum for those interested and involved in saiga conservation. With input from range states themselves and professionals in the field, as well as the general public, we aim to make the SRC into a comprehensive and accurate online service to support saiga conservation.

The Saiga Resource Centre website is open to the public. Visit and browse for more information on the saiga antelope, research and conservation efforts: