Saving Saigas: Projects Around the World

Updates from Russia

Saiga Day in Russia 2013

In 2011 The Centre for Wild Animals of the Republic of Kalmykia held Russia’s first Saiga Day celebrations. 250 children from the local Yashkulsky and Chernozemelsky districts, as well as some from even further afield attended. Children were treated to a trip to see...

Anatoly Khludnev (Russia): Improvement of technical equipment of the Sanctuary “Stepnoi” to reinforce the struggle against poaching and to improve saiga conservation in Astrakhan region.

Anatoly Khludnev is Director of the 87,000 ha Stepnoi reserve in Russia. He leads a team of 12 rangers protecting the reserve and several thousand saigas within its boundaries, representing a large proportion of the remaining Russian population. This population is in...

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