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Saiga Day Celebration


Saiga Day is celebrated across the saiga range states

Saiga Day was conceived by the SCA as an international initiative to create a focus within rural communities for conservation of the saiga and its habitat. The festivities take place each spring to mark the birth of the first saiga calves of the year, and is a celebration of life which unites communities across the saiga’s range under a common symbol.

Saiga Day News

Steppe Wildlife Clubs turn puppeteers!

On the eve of Saiga Day festival, children of Steppe Wildlife clubs in Karakalpakia learnt how to put on a puppet show! The show targeted primary and secondary school children as well as their teachers and parents raising awareness of wildlife conservation issues....

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Saiga Day celebrations in Russia 2016

As part of the annual celebration of the Saiga Day Yashkul High School held a series of events dedicated to the conservation of saiga. The annual competition “antelopes” saw over 60 children taking part in an event to promote environmental awareness and...

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‘Saiga Day’ festival in Central Kazakhstan 2016

At the beginning of June a “Saiga Day” festival was organized for over 100 local schoolchildren aged between 7-11 from Korgalzhyn village in Central Kazakhstan. This exciting event was fully supported by the SCA and our generous funders Wildlife Conservation Network....

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Saiga Day 2016 Celebrated in Uzbekistan

The ecological festival drew a huge audience in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, from kindergarten and primary school kids to adults of all ages. This year, Uz-Kor Gas Chemical workers in Ustyurt joined the festival as well. As a part of the Saiga Day, they planted saxaul...

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Saiga Day Celebrations in Russia 2015

This year Saiga Day is in its 5th year of celebrations in Kalmykia, Russia and the Steppe Wildlife club Living Heritage help put on some wonderful celebrations. In the month preceding the celebrations they organized “environmental watch” devoted to stories...

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Saiga Day in Uzbekistan in 2015

A traditional Saiga Day was held in Uzbekistan in early May. This spring celebration gathered together a lot of people caring for the fate of the steppe antelope from Nukus city and remote villages of Karalpakstan in Uzbekistan. This year’s festival has acquired...

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Saiga Day Celebrations in Russia 2014

There have been 2 saiga days held in Kalmykia this year. One in the town of Yashkul’ and one in the steppe village of Adyk. Since the start of 2014 one Steppe Wildlife Club has been established in Kalmykia, in the village of Adyk, named ‘Bamb Tceteg’ after the areas...

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Saiga Day Wins Environmental Award

Elena receives the award for the Saiga Day programme. On December 20th 2013 the best Uzbek environmental initiatives of the year were announced at the ‘Reduce your environmental impact’ event in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The competition was held by the Committee for...

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Saiga Day in Uzbekistan 2013

When we launched Saiga Day in Uzbekistan in 2007, 3 schools in 2 villages in the region of Karakalpakstan took part and we were thrilled that 1100 people attended the festivities”, remembers Elena Bykova, SCA member in Uzbekistan. This year the Saiga Day celebrations...

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