Every year the Kazakh steppe undergoes a spectacular transformation; with the onset of spring the vast prairies awaken, flowers blossom and huge herds of saiga arrive for the calving season.

Since 2010 the ACBK, (SCA member in Kazakhstan) have been taking this opportunity to undertake critical scientific research – carrying out saiga calving surveys. They collect data on population density, birth rates, sex ratio and observe general ecological conditions.

From 2014 the ACBK is offering you the unique opportunity to see this phenomenon up close, to take photos of the critically endangered new-born calves and perhaps to even take part in the collection of essential data with their experts. Data which may help to identify the answer to one of the most pressing saiga threats in the region; the mass mortality of saiga which we have reported on in the past.

Notably, income generated from the tours will be used for ongoing conservation work in Kazakhstan.

This eco-tour complements our existing saiga tour which runs in southern Russia and can be adapted to suit your interests. The 10-day visit, arranged by the award-winning Saga Voyages, explores the rich natural history of this little-known region taking in the thriving grasslands of the Southern Russian Steppe, the arid Caspian region and the lush, bird-rich wetlands of the Volga Delta, and involves direct contact with the warm people who inhabit these lands including those of the Republic of Kalmykia, the only official Tibetan Buddhist state in Europe, as well as the historic city of Astrakhan.

For more information contact mail@saiga-conservation.com

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