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A message of hope for saiga conservation

Our friends at Nautilus Magazine have created a beautiful short film about the challenges of saiga conservation in recent years.   The film sets the scene, helping us understand why saigas are in the critical position they are currently in. It then brings us up...

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International Environmental Education Day

International Wildlife Academy for Environmental Educators   On International Environmental Education day we reflect on our first ‘Wildlife Academy for Environmental Educators’ in Uzbekistan. The event brought together incredible teachers from across the saiga’s...

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Saigas get ‘tagged’

Satellite tagging of saigas is one of the most important parts of the conservation work which the Association of the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK), our partners, carry out to help prevent the extinction of the remaining saiga populations in...

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Winners of the Award for Excellence in Saiga Conservation

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017/8 Award for Excellence in Saiga Conservation Project 1 Inzhieva Gerel Davaevna, part of the national Preschool Educational Institution in Russia will be creating “The Saiga Trail” for pre-schoolers in Russia....

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Mongolian Saiga Mural

I arrived into Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbataar on the 24th of September 2017. My objective: to paint a set of murals depicting the steppe wildlife (with the Saiga at the centre) as a way of engaging on conservation issues with rural communities. This was to be my...

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Masters of Karakalpak Embroidery

Kuralai embroidery project Our alternative livelihood project in Uzbekistan is going from strength to strength. In the Spring this year we welcomed 17 new young women into the group and held training sessions, where the knowledge about their traditional embroidery...

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Black Friday Sale

The Saiga Conservation Alliance has some lovely products for sale in our shop. This Black Friday weekend we have discounted all of our products, with over 40% off the prices of some. Proceeds from the sales go towards saiga conservation and in the case of the...

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Support Saiga Rangers this ‘Giving Tuesday’

  Photo: Volker Homes Photo: Pavel Sorokin Photo: Pavel Sorokin Photo: WWF Mongolia In the run up to ‘GIVING TUESDAY’ next week we are lauching a short appeal to help the brave rangers who will be protecting saigas in the coming freezing conditions....

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See the SCA’s WCN Expo presentation here

This October Olya made an interesting presentation at Expo, tracing the reasons for the most recent mass moralities amongst saigas, and giving us hope for the future of this beautiful species… Watch it from 34 minutes here....

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28-29 августа 2017 года Институт проблем экологии и эволюции им. А.Н. Северцова Российской академии наук, Зоопарк Сан-Диего и Альянс по сохранению сайгака провели двухдневный семинар для обмена опытом и разработки стратегического плана относительно роли...

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SCA holds workshop on captive breeding of saigas

  On 28th-29th August 2017, the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Ecology & Evolution, San Diego Zoo and the Saiga Conservation Alliance hosted a two-day workshop to exchange knowledge and develop a strategic plan regarding the role of...

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World Ranger Day 2017

Today, and every day we are grateful to the incredible men and women the world over who dedicate their lives to protect biodiversity. Today especially, we remember those who have tragically lost their lives in the line of duty, those like Uldis Knakis, whose life was...

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Объявление о программе SCA по присуждению премий за высокие достижения в деле сохранения сайгаков (финансирование программы осуществляет WCN)

Мы рады объявить о проведении конкурса по присуждению премий , направленнных на продвижение передового опыта в деле сохранения сайгака Мы высоко ценим ту напряженную работу, которую проводят  егери,  ученые,  преподаватели,  молодежь и другие  вообще преданные  люди,...

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Saigas are a part of Natures weirdest events!

Did you see saigas on TV this week? If not, here is your chance to catch-up and see not only saigas, but Saiga Conservation Alliance co-founder E.J. Milner-Gulland talking about the tragic deaths of so many saigas in Kazakhstan. In this episode, Chris Packham brings...

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Latest on the Mongolian crisis

Today our colleagues at WWF-Mongolia announced the results of a survey carried out by WWF-Mongolia and WCS-Mongolia in conjunction with local government agencies. Over the period 13-20th March transect surveys were carried out in the saiga ranges in Mongolia. We are...

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